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    A CAPS RACK?! No, even better! Here is the innovative gift, perfect for a birthday, Father’s... mehr
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    No, even better! Here is the innovative gift, perfect for a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or even for the host of a party! The CapsTree is a great ad¬dition to any event. Every CapsTree is completely unique and hand crafted in Bavaria, Germany. The CapsTree is a versatile plant that stands firmly on a sturdy base. The nicely shaped crown securely holds an ultra-strong magnet that can easily hold 50 bottle caps. The little tree is not only great fun during a party, but it is also a brilliant tool to pick up spare bottlecaps the next day! Furthermore, the more caps on the CapsTree, the better it looks! What more reason to open another bottle? The CapsTree is an ideal gift for beer lovers, outdoors¬men, lovers of games, and all-round party goers. The CapsTree is not just a gift for men, it is a great gift for everyone!

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